What would we do with $10,000?

The Langford Conservancy applied for a $10,000 grant called Pioneer+TO from Toronto+Acumen with a goal of providing a healthier society and a better standard of living.  There were over a hundred applicants, and we made it to the top three!  So what would we do with $10,000?  We would protect farmland by working with owners and placing conservation easements on their land, by purchasing farmland through the sale of community bonds, providing long-tern leases to organic farmers, and by helping to develop an organic farmers’ co-operative.

We find out if we are successful in at the annual Dignity in Focus gala on October 24, 2013.  We will let you know the results!

For more information on the finalists, check out: http://toronto.plusacumen.org/blog/make-toronto-a-better-place/

For more information about Toronto+Acumen, check out their website: http://toronto.plusacumen.org/

For more information about the Dignity in Focus, check out: http://toronto.plusacumen.org/events/dignity-in-focus-2013/


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